Hi! Thanks for checking out Smoothie Burst. My name is Kristine; I’m the person behind the blog. I’m an active mom with two young girls living in Victoria, BC and I have a confession… I’m a smoothie addict!

Smoothie Burst is my journey and motivation to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle one smoothie at a time. I share smoothie recipes that are clean and dairy-free.

I’ve been a fan of smoothies for a long time. It wasn’t until after I had my kids that I really started to appreciate their benefits and enjoyed experimenting with new, clean recipes. Not only do smoothies give me the energy to get through a busy day; they are also quick and easy to make. As a busy mama this is vital to me. I also love that I can tailor the ingredients to my daily needs or cravings.

I recently decided to take a break from the corporate world to focus and care for my family. I feel like one of the the best ways I can do this is by incorporating clean eating into our lifestyle. Clean eating is something that I strive to do each day. I’ve become a lot more aware of how certain foods make me feel. When I drink caffeine, I get heartburn and joint pain. When I consume dairy, I feel bloated and get breakouts. This is why my smoothie recipes follow the clean eating principles.

It’s important to me to teach my kids how to eat well. Avoiding foods that are processed, high in sugar, or caffeinated is high up on this list. I also strive to get the recommended dose of fruits and veggies into my kids each day – smoothies definitely help with this. I get my three year old to taste test my kid-friendly smoothies, so hopefully that picky eater in your family will enjoy them too.

I hope you have fun browsing my recipes and enjoy trying them out as much as I do.